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Q1: What does the MMC HAT come with and what do I need to use it?
Q2: Can the MMC HAT be used with a Raspberry Pi 3?
Q3: How do I use the console connector?
Q4: Which Raspberry Pi models can I use with the MMC HAT?


A1: The MMC HAT is supplied with 4*12mm M2.5 spacers and 8*6mm M2.5 screws to secure the MMC HAT to your Raspberry Pi. You only need to supply an SD card

A2: The MMC HAT can be used with a Raspberry Pi 3 but since the onboard WiFi uses the SDIO interface it will be disabled whilst the HAT is attached.

A3: The serial console connector is designed for use with the Sparkfun FTDI Basic 3.3V or Sparkfun Beefy 3. The 5V version MUST NOT be used since the Raspberry Pi GPIO are only 3.3V tolerant.

A4: You can use any Raspberry Pi model with a 40 pin GPIO header with the MMC HAT - A+/B+/2/3 or a Pi Zero although the HAT is larger than the Zero.

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